Montessori Care

Our goal is to offer elderly and persons with dementia meaningful engagement activities and roles in their everyday lives.
We work with institutions and private persons to create supportive, interesting, and beautiful environments for people living with dementia.

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Roles are all the big and small tasks we fill our lives with, which give meaning to our daily lives. They are often tied to our identity and how we view ourselves and how others view us.

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Everyone likes to have something to do.
These activities are cognitively stimulating, trigger memories, encourage conversation and promote well-being.

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Labels, Signs and Instructions

One of our basic needs is for safety and orientation – knowing where we are, what things are for and how to use them.
Elderly and persons with dementia can greatly benefit from labels near everyday items and direction signs in their living space.

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Reading retaining material

Reading is not only a pastime, but also a cognitive activity which preserves language and other skills.

As reading is a preserved skill for many living with dementia, it can still be a source of engagement and enjoyment.

That is if we match the reading level, font size and topic of interest to the individual person.

Courses and events

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Good tips for more Meaning, Mastery, and Joy for People with Dementia


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