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Good tips for more Meaning, Mastery, and Joy for People with Dementia

Learn how to facilitate more meaningful, engaging, and skill-preserving activities for people with dementia. The Montessori philosophy is a 'Game-Changer' in dementia care, solving many challenges. Enrich your toolkit with truly person-centered activities that increase the joy of life for people with dementia. Welcome to the...

Article about Montessori Care i MEMO, Finland

Presentasjon for arsmote i Assciation Montessori International

Presentation at the annual meeting of AMI (Association Montessori International)

Carolyn Magnussen and Elisabeth Ryland, Co-Founders, Montessori Care “New Innovations in Environments for Ageing” the Association Montessori International, AMI, website where we presented at their AGM
Presentasjon Assciation Montessori International

Kvinesdal has the country’s first Montessori nursing home

Excerpt from Avisen Agder: After several weeks of training, the staff are now ready to take on the task of making Kvinesdal residential and day center the country's first Montessori nursing home. – It's about giving the residents that little extra,' says project leader Nina Iren...